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Animal Healthcare

Animal Healthcare

Cnoviar is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways.

Animal Health Products

Goat Pox Vaccine

Uttarkashi strain derived from Vero cell culture for the immunization of Goats against Goat Pox virus.

PPR Vaccine – Sungri/96 Strain

Sungri/96 Strain derived from cell culture for the immunisation of Sheep and Goats against the PPR virus.

PPR Vaccine – Nigerian 75/1 Strain

PPR vaccine derived from cell cultures infected with attenuated Nigerian 75/1 strain of PPR virus for the immunisation of sheep and goats against the PPR virus.

Live Brucella Vaccine

Live S19 strain in freeze-dried form for immunisation against Brucella abortus.