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About Cnoviar

About Cnoviar


A company of high quality animal health products

Cnoviar is a leading Nigerian animal healthcare company. Cnoviar began its journey in 2016. Over the years, it has transformed to a large trading business We now have a strategic presence across West Africa, while focusing on key market needs in Nigeria.

Headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, we operate through four broad verticals: Poultry Vaccines, Poultry Health Products, Animal Vaccines and Animal Health Products. Additionally, in an effort to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions, our services include sero-profiling kits and diagnostic labs for poultry flocks, and mastitis control programs for cattle. We strongly believe the 4A principle:

Aware smallholder farmers can achieve great heights if Appropriate products and services are made Available to them at Affordable prices.

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We operate with a singular focus on improving animal health, and monitoring and preventing animal diseases. With our in-depth knowledge of the market cutting-edge R&D capabilities and incisive thinking, we are well prepared to unlock the untapped potential of the growing poultry and animal vaccine market across the globe.